How To Attract New Commentators and Keep Them

Comments represents a blog's active and regular readers. This is one of the major thing newbie bloggers struggle for. Sometimes 0 comments becomes a reason for a new visitor to jump out of your blog without reading your blog posts. So today we are going to discuss on where to find commentators for your blog and keep them. 

Here at Bihar Gatha blog, you may have seen many new faces commenting on blog posts. So where does these commentors come from?. You need to be smart yourself asking questions like why should people comment on your blog posts?, what's their kind of interest?. what they are expecting?.


Understanding What the Visitors really Lacks is the deal!!

Finding answers to these questions gets you new commentators on your blog. You know that the best place to attract new commentators to your blog is by commenting wisely on a blog which is of your niche and keeping the attracted commentators on your blog is on your hand. 

Lets consider that your blog home page is full of blog posts related to technology, you are going to comment on a blog post of another blog which is of your niche but the blog post is about making online money. 

Here you may attract new commentators from that blog but do you think that these commentators will stay as  regular commentators on your blog?. Never. Its a simple strategy to be understood that, a visitor who have commented on a blog post about online money making is fond of knowing/learning some best ways to earn online money where as your blog home page is full of technology posts and this leads the visitor to jump out of your blog soon after he visits your blog home page rapidly increasing the bounce rate of your blog.

You need to follow this simple law to attract new commentators - Before attracting new commentators from other blogs, You should adopt the habit of writing serial posts of atleast 4 - 5 posts about a certain topic and make sure to comment wisely on a blog post of other blog which is about same topic. 

But don't forget to include your blog Url with the comment wisely. The fond of visitors about a certain topic always makes them a regular reader and commentator without considering which blog they comment. What they lack is, the information about their specific interest.

But one more thing i wish to say is, attracting the bloggers to comment on my blog have became quite complicated task as the bloggers always comment here only when they face any issue with widget installation or some other guidance and they never bother about spending a minute to comment once they get the post tutorials exactly or if the posted widget worked exactly :). 

I request users to kindly leave a feedback not only when they face an issue, but also when the tutorials and widgets published on this blog works perfect.