For any fresher this has been a nightmare to increase the blog traffic. And why just a fresher, there are experience blogger who are not able to survive the cut throat competition.  It isn’t just “BLOGGING”… that you probably plucked down your butt in the chair, ransacked some thoughts on your word document and punched “Publish”.  It is more than that. Blogging is the place where you write and the entire world gathers to listen.


It is supposed to be easy, simple and fun isn’t it? But it isn’t. You are struggling to keep up the pace and still not able to get the blog traffic to boost your presence online.

Listen, anyone can start a blog, but the real deal is getting the readers. Probably you are not getting and that is the reason you are here.

Many bloggers fed up and quit, others like you just browse around to score the answers. Well, you won’t be disappointed than. So let’s figure out our very first dumbest and expensive mistake that loses the blog traffic.

Dumbest mistake 1 # Not having great Meta Title

When you search on the Google and get the results, what is the first line you read? Yeah, that’s Meta title. Understand if you don’t get this right, you are losing your blog traffic. While putting Meta tile, you need to consider 2 people:

  1. Google
  2. The reader searching

A Meta tile is the most important elements on your blog post.

Dumbest mistake 2 # No mobile version of your blog

There might be several reasons why you need a mobile version:

  1. Google gives first preference to the mobile version websites/blogs
  2. Now that readers are browsing through their Smartphones, you obviously don’t want to lag behind just because you don’t have a “mobile friendly” blog
  3. The blog that responds to the size of the device is responsive hence more number of readers
  4. With fewer options, less texts, and fewer screens it is great

Dumbest mistake #3 Don’t know whether Google likes it or not

You can check whether your blog is favored by Google or not. You can take help of Google webmaster tools and this will tell about the errors Google is finding in your blog in relation with the mobile browsers. The very next thing you need to do is fix them.

Dumbest mistake #4 Slow blog means no readers

In this high paced technology, you need everything quick and navigated. You are on the bus and you open up the browser to read the blog on your mobile device. It’s taking ages to load and not just you any reader get pissed off with the speed it scrolls. It’s a BIG FAIL.

Readers have no patience, so when the blog is taking too long to load, it’s a bye-bye  to your blog visitor.

Dumbest mistake # 5 Dividing your focus between Twitter and Facebook and your blog

The logic applied is good that Twitter and Facebook like social networking platforms come up with huge traffic source. So, why it wouldn’t work for you? The problem is wrong math.

Many popular bloggers have thousands of fan followers, so when they share a post  they have a huge audience awaiting to help them to spread the world whereas a beginner on the other hand have just few friend, uncles, aunts and family members to pay attention.

What you need to do is choose a platform and concentrate exclusively until you have few thousands fan followers for you.

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