You no more get great responses from your social media platforms. You tried and tested many several techniques but all in vain, so now what? Ever thought of connecting your consumers to your business through visual marketing? You might be using the right technique but not in the right manner – the graphics that you are using might be outdated and no more appealing.

Not only the right graphic tells your company’s information in a correct manner, but it helps optimize the consumer experience. You might have missed out the important clue of using latest graphics in your social media platform and because of that you are not able to get the desired results you are expecting. Using responsive social media graphics will also optimize your consumer experience.

In this article, you are going to see some of the best visual marketing tools and mobile apps that have made several social media marketers happy. I am sure this will help you and your company to boost your online presence.


To create social media graphics, read on!!!


I know you must be thinking what kind of name is this? Well, it is an app available on Android and iPhone where in you get lots of on the go designs. It is easy to add text, choose backgrounds, and fonts and you can submit this directly to your social networks.


It is an online application which is a great productive app. It is a simple tool designed to help you make markup a photo. It makes notes on the webpage, point a location out on the map or annotates a PDF. It serves the best purpose for educational training and team communication.

Pic Monkey

It is new kid to the graphic industry. It is a tool that cannot be overlooked. With this tool you can create a collage or edit an image. You can arrange these images using its pre-made templates. It can also allow you add your special touch through overlays, texts and more. It is a user-friendly that makes multiple images in minutes.


If you are on the lookout for some robust kind of desktop design tool than, Pixlr is what you need. The interface is very much similar to Photoshop, it lets you to choose your images, add effects, filters, overlays, and borders to convert a boring photo to a beautiful one.


Are you looking for a quick, easy and appealing quote graphics? QuoteCover is the tool to go for. It helps you prepare a hassle free visual presentation of personal or famous quotes in a jiffy. Add your favorite quote, choose a layout, choose a background along with the color and font to go with and you are done.

Designing and engaging a brand on social media platforms requires more than just usual pictures and images. You need to add life to it to get the results you wish to see. And for the same using, the above mentioned state of the art graphic tools for your social media get you that oomph factor to it.

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